On the 22nd of September, QT/ had the chance to work with, and help Distripress with their 3-day annual event, which was held in Berlin this year.


Established in 1955, Distripress is a non-profit trade association, promoting global distribution in press products, both in print and digital format. With an international community of over 250+ members in over 60 countries, an annual Congress event is held, each time in a different city. Brining together businesses from the newspaper and magazine industry, whether publications, production, marketing, sales or distribution, this provides the opportunity to share experiences and network amongst industry people. This year, the QT team was able to bring the event to life in Berlin.

Held over 3 days, this annual congress started with a welcome reception at Wasserwerk, for a relaxed evening to gather at the start, an opportunity for both guests and delegates to mingle and meet. Followed the next day by ‘The Forum’, running over half the day, where delegates are addressed on industry matters by high level industry experts and guests. For the next 2.5 days, business meetings make up for a vital part of the Congress, here clients meet with company member delegates for slots of 30 minutes to discuss new opportunities to explore in their mutual business. Alongside all of this, an Expo is present, which in members and non-members are encouraged to showcase their services and products in exhibit stands.

A unique art installation for the Berlin edition, was to acknowledge the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, by artist Stefanie Grau. Taking you on a journey through news clippings from, and after the time of the wall.

To close the Congress, there was a smaller closing event at House of Weekend, giving Distripress the opportunity to introduce the next location for the Congress in 2020, which will be in Estoril, Portugal.

At a glance

  • 750
Type of Event
  • Congress & Reception
Gift Bag Highlight
  • Survival kit consisting of: Jägermeister, hand cream & lebkuchen
Music of the Event
  • The Wall - Pink Floyd
What we did?
  • Planning, catering, logistics, setup, AVL, transfer, entertainment