How to provide a very personalized experience for a new car model launch? QT/ worked with Nissan to give three groups of international car experts and journalists a tailored and personal event with the launch of the new Nissan GTR.


In the first 8 days of July, Nissan brought 3 groups of around 10 journalists each from the EU, USA and China to Berlin to take part in a very special experience. Each group was hosted for 3 days, on which the first day consisted of presentations and informative facts about the car and brand in the Sheraton hotel. On the second day things got exciting, when all the guests had the opportunity to drive directly from the hotel, through Berlin and to the test drive circuit (Euro Speedway Lausitz). This gave guests the chance to experience Berlin city, as well as then speeding things up at the driving circuit, after a brief safety instruction.

A lounge was set up, providing guests with a resting facility with snacks and beverages, as well as Q&A for any questions regarding the car. This area was set up and decorated to fit well with the brand as well as provide a sleek and comfortable aesthetic for all the guests.

At a glance

  • 3 groups of 10
Event type
  • Media Test Drive
  • 1st - 8th of July
What QT/ did
  • Branding, setup, AV, consulting
  • Free car exposure driving from hotel to circuit through Berlin