QT/ Christmas Market Picks: Berlin

‘Tis the season once again for evening strolls through the various Christmas markets Berlin has to offer. With the alluring scent of mulled wine, and all the festive sweets lingering through the dense wooden stalls, along with the atmospheric lighting, and cheerful enthusiasm of vendors, come explore different parts of the city while in Christmas spirit.

Just like any other year, 2019 has a solid Christmas market schedule, with some unique additions to the usual, thus best plan out which markets to visit and when, as some are less temporary than others. Here we will go through our 6 classic picks, followed by 4 honourable mentions away from the classics.

Christmas Market at Schloss Charlottenburg

25th November – 26th December 2019

Picture: dpa/ Henkelmann

One of Berlin’s most beautiful Christmas markets, lies right at the stunning and historic Schloss Charlottenburg, the more “bourgeoisie” area of the city. Expect the palace to be lit up with lights, and pyramids of candles to welcome you, stalls decorated in festive cheer. Altogether quite a magical setup, a genuine Christmas feeling guaranteed.

That wasn’t all! Living reindeers accompanied by the very own Father Christmas, and all the festive essentials which include, all the mulled wine in the world, restaurant tents serving find foods, a children’s section, as well as typical sales booths where all kinds of crafts and décor can be purchased, and also alcoholic beverages and sweets! Summing it all up, the Christmas market at Schloss Charlottenburg is definitely a must see from the markets, providing picturesque settings, fragrant sugary treats, and deliciously spiced mulled wines.


Christmas Magic at Gedarmenmarkt

25th November – 31st December 2019

Picture: Grand Hyatt Berlin

Sat between the Französicher Dom and Deutscher Dom, this Christmas market also is quite a sight to behold. With another historic setting as main structure to create the magical atmosphere for the market, Christmas Magic at Gedarmenmarkt also offers all the classics you could expect, from a wide range of handmade goods for sale, festive foods and drink as well as cheerful entertainment.

Watch crafters create their work, from wood carvings, to dressmaking, you will find it all in the market’s vigorous crafts tent. Just a brief stroll further, you will find artists in the process of making and displaying their work, live for you to see, brining everyone together to enjoy the artistry in real time. Now to the most important part of the markets, the F&B section! With more unusual snacking items to delicate fine foods and traditional bites, you will find it all here, accompanied by an extensive assortment of great… MULLED WINES! Don’t shy away from the small admission fee, it’s a festive season, and part of the proceeds go to charity, it’s a time to give a little!


Christmas Market Potsdamer Platz

1st November 2019 – 5th January 2020

Picture: Onnola

Winter World is quite a fitting name for this Christmas market. Maybe it is the 500sqm ice rink, or perhaps the large toboggan, a wonderland for both children and adults to self-indulge in the festivities of the season. Set up as an Austrian-styled winter scene, consisting of log cabins and a crafts market, all with an “Après-ski” party aesthetic vibe dominating the market on weekends, with DJ sets, and all-round cheerfulness and togetherness.

Sampling more of the German/Austrian Christmas foods, you can expect plenty of aromas of candied apples, roasted almonds and of course mulled wine, making for an all in all killer combination while roaming the stalls in this festive season.


Lucia Christmas Market Kulturbrauerei

24th November – 24th December 2019

Picture: Stefan Ernst

With all these different markets, there also had to be a traditional Scandinavian one. Named after the Nordic goddess of light, the Lucia Christmas market is located by the historic brick buildings of an old brewery, forming an atmospheric and mood setting backdrop. Carefully decorated and curated stalls, filled with the scents of all the Scandinavian goodies that are up for grabs.

Stacked with the usual, the Lucia market has a unique art installation, which helps guests fights the harsh Berlin cold. Visitors have the opportunity to slip into coats that have been heated up by a fire-wood oven, also known as the “open-air coat heater”. Activities for young and old, kids can explore a knight’s castle and enjoy the carousels, as well as a visit by Santa himself, whom if good, will hand out sweets.


Christmas Market Spandau

25th November – 22nd December 2019

Picture: Ralf Salecker

A bit further out than the other markets, yet still a classic and also said to be one of the most traditional ones in Berlin, we cannot forget to mention the Spandau Christmas Market. A unique experience, with stalls surrounding and within sight of the rather tall standing Christmas tree that is festively decorated. Particularly nice for families, this market offers all sorts of Christmas decorations, gifts, and has a large F&B segment.

With lively entertainment of musicians, entertainers, and Santa, visitors are brought into the Christmas spirits with the full program. Even if it isn’t directly in the heart of Berlin, it doesn’t take all too much effort to reach it by public transport. Accessible through both U & S Bahn, as well as the regional train, you can get here in between 15-25 minutes from the heart of the city.


Christmas Market Alexanderplatz

25th Novemebr – 26th December 2019

Picture: dpa/ Henkelmann

How could we leave out the Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz, also known as the busiest in Berlin, probably due to the touristy and central location. If you’re not overwhelmed by the masses of people, the vast variety of products and foods sold here might do the trick. The waft of gingerbread and mulled wine makes up for it though, followed by the smells of bratwurst.

This will definitely be one of the more touristy Christmas markets that you will find in Berlin, popular for the convenience of the location, right in the middle of everything. There is also a daily entertainment program and several rides for the kids to enjoy, as well as an ice rink. A more special feature for this market is probably the Christmas pyramid, which is decorated with more than 5000 lights, to brighten up the area, also being the biggest walk-in Christmas pyramid in Europe (snacks available on the ground floor of it), and a nice view from the top platform.




For our honourable mentions, we want to introduce you to the more unusual, different or category specific approaches on Christmas Markets available to you in Berlin!


Japanese Christmas Market Malzfabrik

(Dates not yet announced, usually around first December week)

Seeing as Japanese culture has shown to grow in the Schönefeld area over the last year, we can now also enjoy an annual Japanese Christmas market! Find all the things that you can’t at your regular Christmas Market, and dive into the Japanese spirit of hot sake, sushi, karaoke, Japanese dance and sumo performances! For all the Japan fanatics out there, it is definitely worthwhile, as you roam through the exhibitors presenting you with paintings, ceramics, kimonos and plenty more Japanese culture treasures. Sushi, sake and sweets, there are not many better combos, what more could you want!


Holy Shit Shopping Christmas Market

7th December – 8th December 2019

Picture: Rolf G. Wackenberg

Shopping and consumerism play a big part of Christmas, so here with have something to poke a little fun at the issue while also offering a more unique experience. Also known as the “night club” among the Berlin Christmas Markets, over one weekend only, you can surround yourself with 340 artists, designers, and other creative folks who are out to sell their trendy and unique products, while of course DJs play techno in the background… how very Berlin!


Berlin Sweets Market – Christmas Edition

8th December 2019

Picture: Katy Otto

Translated “Naschmarkt” is the one-stop location for all things sweet and sugary, if it be pies, cakes, tarts, brownies, macaroons, you name it, they have it. If you thought it couldn’t get better than this, as heard in the German verb naschen (to nibble), you are free to nibble your way through the samplers from the vendors! Most likely ending up in a sugar coma, you can be ensured that you only nibbled on the finest and highest standards of sweets out there. Slow food theme, no GMO or synthetic ingredients, make up for the thought of all the sugar you will be consuming at this market.


Kreuzboerg Christmas Market

(Dates not yet announced)

Picture: Julian Nelken

Yes, Kreuzboerg, not Kreuzberg. This Christmas market once again is all about consumerism, but apart from only new items, you will also find secondhand, handmade, and antiques here. Stroll through the market in search for possible Christmas presents or loved ones or yourself, it is definitely a journey. To add a more festive vibe to this market, you will also come across fresh waffles, mulled wine and live music! With a focus on upmarket yet affordable design goods, you will be able to find clothes, totes, sculptures, drawings, prints, and all other kinds of knickknacks for all who appreciate originality with a touch of cool.