The perfect venue helps convey your message without words: it connects the audience with the moment, with the environment and with your brand.


Your message is much more than words and ideas. It is emotion, it is feeling, it is the experience that drives it home and makes it unforgettable.

We are constantly looking for that new space, keeping an eye out for new openings, being invited and trained by our partners across Germany all this to say: we are always up to date. When handed a proposal, we know immediately which spaces and shapes will and will not fit. We work with you from the beginning to propose possible venues, take you through a site visit and assist with negotiation and contracting.

We help you to find the perfect space to bring your ideas to life.

Our venue sourcing service includes:

  • Venue Sourcing and Negotiation
  • Site visits of the suitable venues
  • Perfect knowledge of venues throughout Germany
  • On-site supervision of the venue from set-up to dismantle
  • Experience on the use of tens of venues from our past events

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful

Hazrat Inayat Khan