5 Useful Event Planner Apps

Event planning requires perfect organisation, it can be stressful but thanks to technology, there are some apps which makes event planning a little bit easier and helps us to stay organised and not to loose our clear view on a project.

Google Drive

Google Drive unites almost everything in one app: you can create charts, presentations, documents and invite your colleagues to edit them as well. You have 15 GB of space storage, which is pretty much and also a gmail account. The only disadvantage on the smartphone is that you have to download every app to edit the files, if you want to edit a presentation on your phone then you have to download google presentations. Google Drive as an app only allows you to see the files.


Evernote is like a big notebook to write down your tasks, ideas and to dos. You can share your lists with colleagues and it automatically synchronizes your upates on every device


Doodle is a great tool to find one decision for serveral solutions. If you’re working in a big group and trying to come to one solution, but there are so many options, just use doodle to get one clear answer


Slack is a great tool to communicate in real-time. Of course you can use whatsapp as well, but can you divide the conversation into specific topics? in slack you can send files, upload them and search for them as well. You can also integrate apps into this app, how great is that? Pipe in budget approvals, press mentions or sales leads – all in slack!


Blossom is a program especially made for distributed companies who are working together from different cities or even countries. This program helps you to track the progress of ongoing projects, you don’t need to make thousands of calls anymore or write million of e-mails just to get one answer. Track the progress on Blossom!

Of course you don’t need every app there is on the market, but make yourself clear on what’s important for your planning, what your goals are and how you want to reach it.

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