4 Ways to protect the environment during events

By QT/ Team

The environment has become more and more an important topic in our world but also in the event industry. There are many ways to protect the environment by switching little things during your event planning and the event itself, it doesn’t have to be world green day to save our environment!


Electronic Invitations are not only faster and easier to send, but it also saves paper, provide online registration, announcement that you are going to hold a sustainable event.


The location you choose plays an important part as well if you want to protect the environment. The more central, the better it is to reach many hot spots, such as restaurants or sightseeing spots by foot.


Support your locals and provide local products or fair trade products. Reusable napkins and large containers for beverage are also saving the environment, also the large containers.


If you need decoration for a catering, renting a company who provides the equipment is one way to save garbage, the other way is to provide reusable decoration.


How about experiencing the city on a bike and hopping off the bike whenever you want and exploring the surroundings normal tourists don’t go to? A lot of cities in Germany do provide bikes which you can rent anywhere and drop them off anywhere you want, especially in summer it is a great way to enjoy the weather instead of sitting in a small bus.

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