How to make your event inimitable

By QT/ Team

Hosting an event is a lot of work, but we want to make your event memorable and inimitable. Hosting outstanding events doesn’t always require a magician, small details are the things that count.

Choose interesting food

Food is an important part of an event because you are not you when you’re hungry and when bad food is served, the people will remember. What they also remember is, when you serve a dish, which is something very common in their country and it probably won’t taste like from their country. Choose something similar instead, choose a menu with an interesting twist, fusion kitchen is very trendy for a few years now and why not mix German food with Asian notes?

Choose a theme

If it suits, choose a colored theme and decorate everything in the same color range. Color is believed to be the most visual experience to us.

Have a nice pop up on the event

Having a photo booth or a chocolate fountain can be a nice extra for your event. Your guests can get some memories from the event when you provide a photo booth.

Provide excellent service

In the end, the excellent service is one of the most important parts to take care of. A nice service will be well remembered and is also a good reason to be recommended to someone else. From hosting to catering, everything must be well planned. No one likes deferred food servings, technical issues or other obstacles which prevents your event from going without a hitch.

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