Technology shaping the future of events

By QT/ Team

With new technological trends advancing, the event industry is drastically changing to adapt and transition along with them. Including everything from visual aspects, and entertainment, to more administrative and data driven gadgets. There to improve and benefit the experience for both, guests and organizers.

Creative Solutions for Setup & Entertainment

Modern technology has allowed us to create some of the most stunning and impressive venue setups, creating a mind-blowing visual experience. You could say limitless creativity (if the budget allows); using lighting and sound solutions such as projection mapping with sensorial attributes, making this an all-round engaging and interactive event. A great example of the usage of such technology is the ‘TeamLab Borderless’ exhibition , that is permanently stationed in Tokyo. Light shows are the modern form of entertainment at larger functions. The large spectrum for creativity within this, makes it possible to transform simple spaces into augmented realities of anything you could imagine.

In-house Software, Apps & Social Media

Social media and apps are no stranger to the industry, yet recent advancements over the years have made this a much more customizable and personal experience.

Customized in-house apps, and software, help us create apps specialized to our event, giving access to attendees throughout the event. Not only increasing engagement, but also simplifying ticketing, scheduling, surveying, all of which is vital data useful to analyse different statistics of the event, as well as improving feedback and security.

Along with this, we must also include the growing presence of social media usage, by both guests and organizations. Having become part of everyday life, we can use to build  closer connections with our audience as well as growing and spreading our markets. Creating some kind of publicity, giving the opportunity to share experiences with people from all over the world. We are able to reach a much larger scale of people, also ones not present.

Lastly we cant forget to mention geofencing. A location-based service which works together with an app or other software which uses GPS,RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data. By entering a virtual boundary, a pre-programmed action is triggered which people then have access to. This could for example create a customized filter on Instagram or snapchat, that is specifically made for your event and its geographical location.


Creating a highly personalized experience for all, AI has not yet reached is full potential and is still evolving. For now it already helps the industry, for example, with chatbots. Creating an automated customized customer service, making for a quicker and more sophisticated approach helping attendees with questions they may have, and collecting real time data, while allowing staff to focus on other Things during the event.

VR tools such as Oculus Rift already are popular within the gaming community, and have recently made their way into the events industry. Offered to dissect and explain products, answering and addressing questions, marketing specific services, as well as being an entertaining activity. This keeps guests engaged and more likely to return, a useful tool in a competitive industry.

Honourable Mentions

Other fun tools that technology has allowed us to take advantage of for our convenience include live streaming tools, as well as live photo-sharing and facial recognition services.

In this fast pace world, it is vital to be in the now and not in the past. Live streaming and photo sharing make it easier to encourage sharing of the event. In the end, also a great marketing tool which offers good publicity.

Facial recognition is a great tool using algorithms to calculate facial features, body types, expressions and body language. Used to improve check-in, security and attendee feedback, it is still evolving, and will be seen more in the future.


Looking at how far we’ve come over the last years, these technological trends are evolving, with much to look forward to. With technology taking over, we can say the industry is becoming more sustainable, with far less waste, a cleaner and more futuristic environment.