The most beautiful lakes around Munich

By QT/ Team

Munich is the perfect destination to hold your meeting and also the best spot to enjoy nature and the city at the same time. We want to share with you the most beautiful lakes around Munich, which is a perfect day trip because most of the time they are just about 2 hours away from Munich.

Starnberger See

Starnberger See is one of the closest ones here in Munich and a very popular spot by locals. This is the place where you can see and experience the real ‘Munich people’. There are a few restaurants as well, but the most popular one there is probably the UNDOSA Beach Club. If the weather is really goo, you can even enjoy a view to the alps!


Also very close to Munich is the Ammersee, another calm and beautiful spot to enjoy nature and the sunset. It is the sixth largest lake in Germany, so there is a large area to walk and enjoy!


As you can already tell, Munich is surrounded by beautiful lakes and Tegernsee is no exception to it! Enjoy the silent peace at the renewed Althoff Hotel and hold your meeting in an peaceful atmosphere!


Chiemsee is home to the Herrenchiemsee Palace of King Ludwig II, today it is a museum and there is a further Island which is the Frauenchiemsee, or also called women’s island. These two islands have a very interestin history and it is worth a day trip to those two islands!


70 km away from Munich the Kochelsee lies at the edge of the alps. The clear water definitely invites you to swim there or at least dip your feet in the cooling water during hot summer days.


As one of the deepest an largest alpine lake in Germany, Walchensee is only 75 km away from Munich. You can go for a little hike there and enjoy a breathtaking view over the lake. How about having picknick there with your team as well?


Königssee, also known as the King’s lake is surrounded by the Berchtesgarden alps. The crystal clear turquoise water and the alps which are directly in front of your face is probably the most picturesque scenery to hold a meeting there!


The lakes around Munich are all a place to calm down and enjoy the beauty of nature, but it is also possible to hold your next event in one of these beautiful places. So where should your next destination be?